Hello all,

You may have noticed changes to the URLs and the site in general. We are working on moving Packetbin from a custom built CMS to Drupal. There are a few reasons for this,

  1. Comments are now a possibility. Comments may have worked on the old version but would have taken a bit too much time to implement compared to moving to a proper CMS engine.
  2. Easier user management
  3. Added functionality for submitters

There are many other features that make the move a good idea but the above 3 were some of the large reasons for this move. Please excuse any issues you may notice with the site or theme. If you have some suggestions, thoughts, or notice any bugs, please feel free to comment here.

It's important to note that the Scripts page has been renamed to 'Projects'. The scripts under this page have also had their URLs rewritten. I apologize if this breaks any bookmarks.

In the near future, there will also be a redesign of Packetbin. It's not likely to be too drastic but things will be changing a bit. We are still looking to find a good icon/logo for Packetbin, so if you have any thoughts, please feel free to comment here.

Thanks, Packetbin Administration

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