A few problems...

Recently I decided to go ahead and upgrade Drupal as I had been lagging behind on some security updates. I performed all the necessary backups and such but, unfortunately, ran into issues with the restoring of the database.

And you might have seen the result. Packetbin was down. I could access the administration console but couldn't actually correct the errors that were causing the issues. I had been considering moving away from Drupal anyway and this sort of forced my hand.

So why move away from Drupal? While it's quite powerful with many extensions, it's a bit on the complicated side for what I'm doing here with packetbin. As such, something a bit simpler like Grav CMS makes a bit more sense. It's a lot simpler, using flat files and seems to run well.

It's worth noting the old links you may have may be broken and there's an issue with styling with some of the project pages. I'll be working to solve all these issues eventually.

Anyway... Let's hope we don't see this sort of issue again in the future.

-- Ryan Reed

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