cp_conf client get        !! View configured GUI clients
cp_conf client add <ip>   !! Add a client to the current GUI clients list
cp_conf client del <ip> <ip> <etc>    !! Delete 1+ GUI clients
cp_conf client createlist <ip> <ip> <etc>     !! Create a new GUI list (will overwrite the old) and add 1+ GUI clients

cp_conf admin get         !! View configured administrators
cp_conf admin add <user> <pass> <a|w|r>   !! Add new admin user, a - read/write/manage admins, w - read/write, r - read only
cp_conf admin del <user> <user>     !! Delete 1+ admin users

cp_conf sic state         !! View current SIC status
cp_conf sic <key>         !! Initialize SIC state
cp_conf sic cert_pull <management-server> <object>      !! Pull the certificate of a DAIP object

cp_conf finger get        !! View the management server fingerprint

cp_conf lic get           !! View licenses
cp_conf lic add -f <file>   !! Add license from license file
cp_conf lic add -m <host> <date> <license-key> <SKU>      !! Add license manually
cp_conf lic del <signature-key>     !! Remove a lice

cp_conf ha <enable|disable> [norestart]   !! Enable/Disable HA. Add 'norestart' to command to keep device from preforming a cpstop;cpstart
cp_conf sxl <enable|disable>      !! Enable/Disable SecureXL

cp_conf snmp get        !! View current status of the SNMP module
cp_conf snmp <enable|disable>     !! Enabe/Disable SNMP

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