add pbr table <table_name>
  set pbr table <table_name> default route enable
  set pbr table <table_name> default nexthop gateway address <default_nexthop_ip>
  add acl <acl_name>
  set acl <acl_name> ininterface <ifname>
  set acl <acl_name> outinterface <ifname>
  add aclrule <acl_name> position 1
  set aclrule <acl_name> position 1 action pbr pbr_table <table_name> srcaddr <src_address_with_CIDR> destaddr <dst_address_with_CIDR> srcport 0-65535 destport 0-65535 protocol any tcp_estab no tos any dstfield none qspec none
  save config


  • and can be anything you want
  • In ACL, use for "any"

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