config system ha
    set group-name <cluster_name>
    set mode <a-a|a-p|standalone>        !! Active-Active, Active-Passive, or Standalone
    set password <HA_Password>
    set hbdev <heartbeat-port>            !! This port cannot be an interface with an IP and in use
    set session-pickup <enable|disable>    !! Sync of sessions (not failover multicast or SSLVPN sessions)
    set override <enable|disable>        !! Preempt
    set monitor <int1> <int2> <etc>        
    set priority <#>                    !! Default is 128


  • To bring a new device into the cluster, ensure the new device has a lower priority than the active device. After connecting to the network and configuring the above settings, the configuration should by pulled from the active unit


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