set log exclude-id <#> user-id <username> event-type <event-id> scr-ip <ip> src-netmask <netmask> dst-ip <ip> dst-netmask <netmask> dst-port <port> <success|failure>

You can set any of the above options to attempt to hide specific log messages. For instance, let's assume I wanted to stop logging the following admin login messages:

Feb 10 00:00:01 LocalFirewall: NetScreen device_id=LocalFirewall [Root]system-information-00519: ADM: Local admin authentication successful for login name admin (2014-02-10 00:00:01)

The following would work to suppress all successful logins with mesage id 00519 for the 'admin' user

set log exclude-id 1 user-id "admin" event-type 519 success


  • ScreenOS version 6.2+ required
  • A maximum of 10 exclude rules are allowed


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