!! Configure the Zone, Tunnel Interface, and Route
set zone "VPN" tcp-rst 
set zone "VPN" screen syn-flood queue-size 1024

set interface "tunnel.<#>" zone "VPN"
set interface tunnel.<#> ip unnumbered interface <External-Interface>

set route <Pool-Network>/<CIDR> interface tunnel.<#>

!! Configuring ACE/RSA Settings
set auth-server "<Ace-Name>" server-name "<Primary-Server-IP/Domain-Name>"
set auth-server "<Ace-Name>" backup1 "<Secondary-Server-IP/Domain-Name>"
set auth-server "<Ace-Name>" account-type xauth 
set auth-server "<Ace-Name>" timeout 0
set auth-server "<Ace-Name>" forced-timeout 2
set auth-server "<Ace-Name>" radius secret "<Ace-Password>" 

!! Configure the pool
set ippool "<VPN-Pool-Name>" <Pool-Start-IP> <Pool-End-IP>

!! Configuring User VPN Defaults
set xauth default ippool "<VPN-Pool-Name>"
set xauth default dns1 <Primary-DNS-Server>
set xauth default dns2 <Secondary-DNS-Server>
set xauth default wins1 <Primary-WINS-Server>
set xauth default wins2 <Secondary-WINS-Server>
set xauth default auth server "<Ace-Name>"

!! Configuring the Users And VPNs
set user "<username>" ike-id fqdn "<username>" share-limit 1            !! Share-limit for each user MUST be 1 if more than 1 user will be added to the group
set user "<username>" type ike xauth
unset user "<username>" type auth
set user "<username>" "enable"
set user-group "<Group-Name>" user "<username>"

set ike gateway "<Gateway-Name>" dialup "<User-Group>" Aggr outgoing-interface "<External-Interface>" preshare "<PSK>" proposal "pre-g2-3des-sha"
set ike gateway "<Gateway-Name>" nat-traversal udp-checksum
set ike gateway "<Gateway-Name>" nat-traversal keepalive-frequency 5
set ike gateway "<Gateway-Name>" xauth server "<Ace-Name>"

set vpn "<VPN-Name>" gateway "<Gateway-Name>" no-replay tunnel idletime 10 proposal "nopfs-esp-3des-sha" 
set vpn "<VPN-Name>" bind interface tunnel.<#>

!! Configure the policies to use Accept - Example Below
set address "VPN" "VPN-Pool"
set policy from "VPN" to "Trust" "VPN-Pool" "Any" "Any" Permit log


  • This configuration would tunnel ALL traffic and not split-tunnel. Split tunneling will require multiple VPNs with proxy-ids


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